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Advanced 7 Stage Water Filtration System Good Health Starts With Good Water There are so many people who are not getting enough water every day. Our bodies need at least 7 glasses of water each day to prevent dehydration. In addition to hydrating our bodies, an advanced 7 stage drinking water system does a lot more! Improves tastes of coffees, teas, and juices. Potatoes, rice, pasta and soups cooked with filtered water [...]

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Water Conditioner

Whole Home Water Conditioning System Reduces chlorine or iron for a fresh smell and conditions water your whole family can enjoy City Soft This attractive space saving cabinet combines the filter vessel and salt storage into one. This all-in-one system removes hardness, bad taste and odour caused by chlorine and organics. 1. Reinforced PolyethyleneBrine Tank 2. Reinforced Fiberglass Tank 3.Brine Well 4.High Flow Distributor 5. 1.0CF of top quality, [...]

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SIM Reliable water filtration for problem water Effective and economical SIM SIM is intended to be an effective and economical way to remove iron from water without the use of messy and dangerous chemicals or expensive pumps or an external venturi. The SIM valve uses a patented construction to create an air bubble at the upper portion of the tank to oxidize any ferrous iron prior to being filtered [...]

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TOCC Taste, odour, chloramines and chlorine reduction Discover the benefits Use of chloramines and chlorines to disinfect water by municipal water treatment plants is very common today. However, the use of these disinfectants leads to taste and odor issues. Also, the chloramines must be removed from water used in the production of soft drinks and fisheries. The filter uses a special catalytically enhanced carbon media which efficiently removes the [...]

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UV Whole Home Ultraviolet  Water Disinfection is a proven, non-chemical treatment system. Discover the benefits of the UV UV uses ultraviolet light to disinfect your water, without the use of harsh chemicals, like chlorine. They are lightweight, easy to use and simple to maintain. UV  will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come. UV water disinfection has easy to change lamp and filters, lamp and [...]

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WHF The Whole Home Filter is the solution to water filtration needs in your home Discover the benefits of WHF The Whole Home Filter (WHF) is a solution to water filtration needs in your home. They can be used as both Point of Entry (POE) as well as Point of Use (POU) device. They are ideal to be used as a Point of Entry device at seasonal camps and [...]

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HFF Utilizes Bag Filters For Highly Efficient Water Filtration Highly Efficient Water Filtration. HFF standard bag vessel assemblies keep your system on stream longer by reducing bag filter change time. They are made of lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene to give you all the strength you need without the weight. Filter bags are available in polypropylene felt, absolute-rated high-efficiency polypropylene and nylon monofilament mesh–ideal for filtering and straining applications. Molded [...]

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