About Georgian Water & Air

We know and understand the importance of having pure water in our homes. Not only does it have many health benefits, but having conditioned water in your home will save you time and money. If you haven’t heard the many benefits of conditioned water, contact our offices today and ask for our free in-home water analysis. We are more than happy to show you what conditioned water feels, smells, looks, and tastes like.

Georgian Water and Air is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in Canada. Our organization has been in business since 1996 and we are proud to be Canadian owned, operated and located.

We make sure our customers are our priority, and we enhance our services by adding a 25 year service plan to our products. Georgian Water and Air likes to ensure that your water is never a concern to you or your family again. At Georgian Water and Air we make it a priority to ensure that we offer you and your family eco-friendly options to reduce plastics & chemical usage within your home. It’s our company commitment to introduce eco-friendly product options that will help you do this and change your carbon footprint and your lives forever.

All of our products are manufactured in Canada. We take pride in our customer service, fast response and quality product line.