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How to Clean a Water Softener System Like a Professional

You rely on a water softener system to provide your family with clean and healthy water at all times. This type of home appliance is key to prevent calcification, staining, and harmful minerals from entering your water supply.  In turn, your system relies on you to regularly clean the water softener components. There are three elements to be concerned with—a control valve, a mineral tank, and a brine tank. While some systems have a built-in [...]

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How to Resolve 6 Common Tap Water Smells

Imagine turning on your kitchen tap to get a glass of clean water and being punched in the face by a foul smell. Whether the strange odour is emitting from the kitchen or bathroom faucets, knowing the source will help you determine the proper solutions for the tap water odour.  Tap water issues are dependent on the source of the water. A ground well may become contaminated by the surrounding environment while homes on city [...]

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