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How to Clean a Water Softener System Like a Professional

You rely on a water softener system to provide your family with clean and healthy water at all times. This type of home appliance is key to prevent calcification, staining, and harmful minerals from entering your water supply.  In turn, your system relies on you to regularly clean the water softener components. There are three elements to be concerned with—a control valve, a mineral tank, and a brine tank. While some systems have a built-in [...]

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Why Do You Need a Water Softener System in Your Office?

A water softener system is designed to remove harsh minerals from your water supply such as magnesium and calcium. Just as you want to purify your home water source, water softener systems for offices in Ontario are essential.  Healthwise, hard water can cause damage to skin cells in those with conditions such as eczema as it can change the pH levels. This can lead to susceptibility to infections and harmful bacteria. The damage of hard [...]

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