Your Whole Home Water Conditioning System

Reduces chlorine or iron for a fresh smell and conditions water your whole family can enjoy

Want to improve your life without all the work?

It’s easy with a water conditioner installed in your home. Hard water can cause more work for you than you may realize. Scale, hard water minerals and soap scum are left behind once water goes down the drain. There are so many ways to see the immediate benefits in your home.

Make more time for yourself

• Preventing scale build-up on sinks, showers, tile and floors
means less time spent on household cleaning
• No need to wash away spots on glassware, dishes and
cutlery left behind from the dishwasher

Looking your best becomes easy

• Clothing lasts longer and is softer and brighter without the hard water residue left in fabrics
• Shampoos produce a soft, sudsy lather leaving hair shiny and clean
• Skin is no longer dry and itchy from soap residue but soft and glowing

Protect your investments

• Conditioned water prevents scale build up on pipes and water heaters, saving you money on heating bills
• No need to replace water-using appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, coffee maker and
kettle due to hard water scale

The many benefits a SOFT+ conditioner can make to your home…

The affordable, space efficient, all-in-one Whole Home Conditioning Unit automatically removes hardness minerals plus unsightly iron from your water supply. Your costly appliances, bathroom fixtures and  plumbing will be protected; look better and last longer; laundry will be cleaner, softer and stain-free; bathing and grooming will be more enjoyable.

How does the Whole-Home Water Conditioning System work?

The purest and “softest water” is the vapor found in clouds. Then, falling as rain or snow, water flows over and seeps into the earth, absorbing calcium, magnesium, iron and chloride salts, as it makes its way to our wells and reservoirs. This mineral content is what makes water “hard”.

Water Conditioning Process

As water flows through a Soft Conditioner, the calcium, magnesium and other hard water minerals are removed by ion exchange process, chlorine is also removed and the water is once again as “soft” as its original form. In the Soft Plus Conditioner, in addition to hardness minerals, iron will also be removed.

Regeneration Process

When the Soft Conditioner becomes saturated with hard water minerals, the system goes automatically into cleaning mode. This is the process that washes the hard water minerals down the drain, making it ready to condition the water again and again.

City Soft


This attractive space saving cabinet combines the filter vessel and salt storage into one. This all-in-one system
removes hardness, bad taste and odour caused by chlorine and organics.
1. Reinforced PolyethyleneBrine Tank
2. Reinforced Fiberglass Tank
3.Brine Well
4.High Flow Distributor
5. 1.0CF of top quality, high capacityconditioning power6. Whole Home ChlorineRemoval Filter
7. Brine Safety Float
8. Quartz Support Bed

Country Soft


In addition to all of the features of the CitySoft+ Conditioner, the CountrySoft+ Conditioner also removes unsightly iron from your
water supply in an attractive all-in-one unit.
1. Reinforced PolyethyleneBrine Tank
2. Reinforced Fiberglass Tank
3.Brine Well
4.High Flow Distributor
5. 1.0CF of top quality, high capacityconditioning power6. Whole Home IronRemoval Filter
7. Brine Safety Float
8. Quartz Support Bed

Compact package that is ideal for apartments or space constrained areas.

Conditioned Water for Small Spaces.

The SXT electronics of the valve provide both the owner and installer
simple to operate user-friendly method of making adjustments to the
control. An alternating display shows the time of day and gallons of
conditioned water remaining while the conditioner is in service.


The MINI Conditioning System is backed by a five year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and a ten year warranty on the mineral tank.


• Compact design
• Designed for simple operation and service
• Two models – Soft Mini and Soft Mini+
•Soft Mini removes hardness and chlorine taste and odours
from water
• Soft Mini+ removes hardness and is good to remove low levels of iron
from water
• Consumes less than 50% less water for regeneration than standard
water conditioners (consumes 14.5 gallons of water for 3 lbs/cu.ft. of
• Meter initiated regeneration

• Electronic control with large backlit display and user-friendly
• Fully adjustable regeneration cycle
• Diagnostic provide current and historical usage information
• Regeneration day override can be programmed • Stainless steel
bypass included with ¾” MNPT connections
• Heavy duty mineral tank
• Heavy duty cabinet includes air check, brine safety valve and
overflow protection fitting
• Includes plastic salt grid